• Becoming Bird

“Women carried notebooks and pressed storms in them like flowers… our lives were lived in the service of these clouds…

“To live in that high land is to lose familiarity with the shapes of things. You cannot trust your eyes. In a single day I have witnessed the tremulous birth of the world. I have seen canyons boil. I have watched rain fall upwards… Before my eyes, beneath sliding veils of vapour, trees have formed soft oceans in the depths of valleys dappled by cold blue shadows… When the mists come the edges of cliffs blur, rocks melt, chasms close over and streets drop into precipices.

“Your feet are shod in lichen. Your hair breathes vapour at the roots. You are walking on clouds.”

Delia Falconer, The Service of Clouds, 2005

Becoming Bird was performed in 2016 on a mountain precipice at Falls Creek during a supported residency at Bogong Village located in the Kiewa Valley just below the snow line. This work was a culmination of two weeks spent exploring the history and legends associated with this inspiring landscape. With special thanks to Bogong Centre for Sound Culture: http://bogongsound.com.au/artists/sarah-edwards/entry-1

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